How to turn your home into a shop, make money and have fun.

Fancy getting paid for being surrounded by good friends and great clothes? Host a Boden shopping party and they’ll pay you £50 towards your own outfit and their best-ever commission on everything you sell. Read our top tips on how to transform your home into a Boden boutique.

1. Contact Boden and book in your Shopping Party. It is up to you to publicise the party via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails and flyers. Remind everyone a few days before the party. The more effort you put into spreading the word about your pop-up party, the more successful it will be. Remember, keep guests emails to build up your database for next time. Put on your business hat!

2. When the five rails of clothing arrive, unpack the merchandise and sort sensibly. Style the rails by colour just as you would see in a shop. Don’t make it look like a jumble sale; only hang one size of each trouser style, and keep the others behind the scenes. Put shoes and accessories on a coffee table, mantelpiece and any surface you can find. It’s your job to make the clothes and accessories look great, as you want them to buy.

3. Make sure you have plenty of mirrors and good lighting. Turn upstairs into a changing area; you’ll need at least two communal changing areas and try to have another available for customers who prefer privacy. Add fresh flowers and light scented candles. Have a basket of toys if you’re inviting mothers of young children as toddlers can turn it into a chaotic environment, not conducive to relaxing and shopping!

4. Consider hosting at two time slots, morning and evening. Set up a food and drinks station and tell guests to help themselves; Buy biscuits, tea and coffee – ideal for catering to mums after the school run or wine and nibbles for those coming after work, both target markets for Boden. Old-handers swear the evening crowd tend to stay longer and spend more. Put balloons on the door to share the party message.

5. Before your party officially starts, have a dry run at the ordering process and have plenty of computers to process the orders. When your friends want to buy, you’ll place their orders and pocket 10% commission from existing customers’ orders and 20% from brand new ones. When it’s all over, pack up your rails and Boden will send a courier to collect everything.

Find out more about hosting your own Boden Shopping Party here.

July 2017