Too busy to shop for clothes? These bespoke clothing-delivery services will transform the lives of the time-poor.

Imagine a world in which you get to try on – in the comfort of your own home – the contents of a carefully curated box of clothes and only keep and pay for what you like. Sound too good to be true? Well, read on.


In 2016, Adela Hussain, a London-based management consultant, set up the bespoke clothing-delivery service, Style Lyrical.

The idea is simple. First, you fill out a style profile, detailing your preferences and some of your wardrobe favourites, and attach a photograph of yourself.

Next up is a phone consultation with a stylist about your lifestyle, needs and taste.

A week later, a style box arrives at your home, containing six outfits and three style cards. You then have four days to try it all on (the site’s list of brands is small but well-chosen and nothing costs more than £450), work out what you like and return what you don’t.

Style Lyrical charges a styling fee of £30 and you pay for the clothes you decide to buy.

Hussain, whose gorgeous site includes a very pleasing lifestyle blog, too, says: “We don’t believe in fast fashion and overstuffing your wardrobe with piece after piece, which has a poor impact on the environment. We believe in long-lasting, quality clothes that form many different outfits.”

This ridiculously convenient service is not just the preserve of women, either.


Launched by a father and son duo Joe and Sam Middleton in 2013, The Chapar offers a similar service for men.

The premise of this slick website is the same. You fill out a brief style profile and then speak on the phone in more detail to one of The Chapar’s expert stylists. They handpick from several high-end brands a trunk of items that suit your style, size and budget and get it delivered it your home. You try on this bespoke collection of clothing, keep what you like and send back what you don’t.

“We see it as a transportable changing room,” says founder Sam Middleton. “Customers usually buy about 40 per cent of what we send them.”

The Chapar charges no styling fee and you pay for the clothes you keep.

Whether you are male or female, on holiday or in the office, personal styling just got a whole lot more efficient.

April 2018