The savvy fashion site for eco-conscious women launches Modafirma Agengy to help their carefully selected brands get crucial exposure and reach target consumers effectively.

With a background in finance and a passion for fashion, Angela Ene’Adamopoulos founded Modafirma (meaning “fashion firm” in Latin) in 2015. Back then, it was simply a website through which independent brands could sell their wares to global consumers.

Early this year, they relaunched specifically as a sustainable technology platform. With the wellbeing of the planet in mind, Modafirma now supplies technology and expertise to sustainable fashion brands to help them reach the world’s most cosmopolitan and eco-conscious women.

So, as well as being a one-stop, global marketplace for stylish, sustainable fashion, Modafirma is now also a digital marketing haven. They recently launched Modafirma Agency to help their carefully selected brands get crucial exposure and reach their target consumers effectively. This subsidiary of the business gives the brands access to influencers, bloggers and affiliate partners and provides them with PR assets, SEO advice and social media support.

Since the relaunch, Modafirma has secured over 100 sustainable clothing, accessory, jewellery and shoe brands from all over the world. New brands are added to the roster every month. Exciting acquisitions include Triarchy, the eco-friendly denim label that won H&M’s Sustainable Fashion Award this year, and Misha Vaidya, the mother-daughter team who design with empowered women in mind and have graced the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Modafirma is on a mission to bring brilliant, transformative brands to the forefront of the fashion world, and to help consumers rethink their approach to buying clothes.

They say: “At Modafirma, we believe sustainability is here to stay – and we are just getting started.”

July 2018