When temperatures plummet, try these expert tips to restore your skin’s glow.

With alternating chilly temperatures and blasts of central heating, not to mention biting winds, winter can take its toll on your skin. However, with the right preparation and products, it’s possible to soften the seasonal blow.

While a relaxing facial treatment from a professional therapist can work wonders for your skin and soul, it’s equally as important to nurture your skin on a daily basis from the comfort of your own home.

Boosting your beauty routine with nourishing formulas rich in plant oils is a good start, even for oily skin types, while an extra dose of hydration helps counteract a dry and dull winter complexion.

Want to know more? As a British beauty brand, founded in 1995, we asked Liz Earle Beauty Co. for their expertise. Featuring some of their cruelty-free favourites, rich in high quality botanicals, they’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you achieve wonderful skin this winter.


When humidity levels outside begin to drop, the air becomes colder and drier, and as a result the water in your skin evaporates faster than usual. This can leave your complexion feeling tight and uncomfortable during the colder months.

Superskin™ Moisturiser, formulated with shea butter, works wonders for soothing winter complexions. Rich in in omega-3, GLA and antioxidants, it contains firming pomegranate flower, alongside cranberry, borage and rosehip seed oils to lock moisture onto skin.

In tandem with your twice-daily moisture boost, introduce a hydrating mask into your routine two-three times a week. The creamy Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask, made with West African shea and borage seed oil, leaves parched, stressed and dry skin feeling instantly hydrated and soothed.

We say: It really is worth getting into the habit of applying a face mask on a regular basis, especially with a product that smells as divine as this one. Carve out some me-time in your schedule and you will reap the benefits, both physically and mentally.


Dark circles can make you look even more tired than you feel, and while you can wrap up warm in gloves and scarves, harsh weather conditions can really start to show in the exposed skin of the delicate eye area.

But all is not lost! Superskin™ Eye Cream is formulated with pomegranate fruit and green tea extracts to help lessen the appearance of dark circles and leave your eyes looking brighter and more awake. To apply, tap in a circular motion starting at the outer corner of your eye, moving under the eye and then over the orbital bone, out to any fine lines. Next, smooth outwards around the eye contours, repeating each move three times to help the cream absorb.

We say: Just tap, tap, tap with this soothing eye cream. That's all it takes and let the product do its work.


Beauty is as much about feeling good, as it is about looking good. That’s why, in the midst of winter, an aromatic skin treat can work wonders for the soul. Neroli is famed in aromatherapy for its uplifting, restorative qualities - it’s also one of the pure essential oils (alongside lavender and chamomile) featured in Superskin™ Concentrate for Night.

Massage this luxurious facial oil into cleansed, toned skin in the evening, just before bedtime. It’s a rich, rebalancing treat it’s formulated with softening argan and rosehip oils, plus antioxidant natural source vitamin E to help rebalance skin that’s been exposed to the elements.

We say: Leaves the skin super smooth and with a delicious fragrant hit which we're sure puts you in the mood for deep sleep.


It’s a cliché, but getting adequate beauty sleep will help you wake up with skin that looks and feels refreshed throughout the winter. In conjunction with your normal cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, applying a night-time treatment can bolster these effects.

Supercharged with extracts of Persian silk tree to brighten and even skin tone, plus buriti, borage, rosehip and cranberry seed oils to intensely nourish and lock moisture onto the skin, Superskin™ Overnight Mask gives winter-worn skin a much-needed boost.


So often we focus our skincare efforts on the neck upwards, but in winter especially you need to treat your body to the same level of nourishment. Formulated with the Superskin™ botanical blend of cranberry, borage and rosehip seed oils, the fast-absorbing Superskin™ Dry Oil for Body helps visibly smooth, nourish and revitalise skin on a daily basis, while leaving you divinely scented and feeling silky soft, even if you are hidden under multiple layers.

We say: Doing this every day is a real treat as much for the senses as for the skin. The oil is quickly aborbed leaving the skin smoothly hydrated.

Pay close attention too to areas that tend to dry out fast – like your lips – and take extra measures to protect them. Superskin™ Superlip Balm is a rich, conditioning balm made with naturally active ingredients including Alaria esculenta extract to plump, pomegranate seed oil to nourish and dragon’s blood extract, argan oil and shea butter to help protect against dryness.

October 2017