It’s the moment that mothers of boys have been waiting for – you can now buy traditional cotton boxer shorts for little people at the click of a button.

Anybody who regularly buys underpants for their young sons will be aware that the traditional boxer short is woefully hard to come by.

(Did you know, by the way, that boxer shorts are named after the boxers of the 1940s, for whom unhindered leg movement was so important?)

Across the high street, tight-fitting, jersey numbers – often emblazoned with cartoon characters or twee motifs – abound. But you have to search with a fine toothcomb for the real deal. Well, search no more.

The brainchild of London-based mother of four, Caro Barrrow, Little Boxers sells loose-fitting pants, for boys aged three to ten. Made in the UK, Little Boxers cost £11 a pair and come in gorgeous gingham and striped fabrics.

The website is in its early stages, and is clean, uncluttered and easy to use. The Little Boxers team aims to dispatch orders within two days of receiving them. Their retro labels are enchanting. And, as a bonus, around Father’s Day, they stock their pants in men’s sizes, too.

Barrow says: “Little Boxers was born from a desire for my own children to wear stylish, comfortable boxer shorts that they would love to be in. Finding traditional boxer shorts for young children proved difficult, so I embarked on a mission to design and make my own.

“I had some clear goals: they had to be 100 per cent cotton, made in the UK, have the comfiest, softest waistband, be loose-fitting and have an old-school traditional look.”

She has nailed it. My straight-talking in-house reviewers, aged four and seven, say: “We like them because they are cosy and comfortable and soft.”

What more could you ask of a pair of underpants?

July 2018