Bob Books makes it easy for you to tell your family's story with its range of photo books.

Lockdown has given us all time to reflect on who we are, where we've come from and where the next generation will take us. It's getting those all important memories down into print, preserving those stories for ad memoriam. You might have a family tree, old photos of distant and long gone relatives or holiday snaps from yester year. Before it's too late, it's time to make a memory book, which is simply the best way to document your family's life. And of course, Bob Books is the company to turn to who will transform your family's memories into professional-quality photo books, with its easy-to-use software, book styles and choice of papers, with prices starting at £14.99.

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Tell your story in a memory book or memoir

Before you embark on your publishing journey, you need to to have a plan on the direction of your book. You might want to write a lengthy memoir or simply create a photo book with just a few words. There might be stories in your family that have been handed down through the generations that you want to immortalise forever.

Collecting the content

Create a timeline, a crucial step, so that your photos and stories can be organised properly. Scan old photos, organise them into one folder, all ready to be uploaded when the time comes. Read Bob Books' article on how to scan old photos from tips to do at home to free apps to download onto your phone.

Once all this is sorted, you can then easily access this from the Bob Designer Software, dragging them easily onto each page.

Add video footage

Video brings memories alive: Bob Books' software gives you the option to add video footage which can be accessed via a QR code.

Interview your family and relatives

Take the time to chat to the elders in your family, they can fill in any gaps or might even reveal a new story. Be sure to record interviews so you can fact check easily when writing the text.

A family history

Follow the story of Bob Books' Managing Director, Ibolya Nemeth as she pieced together her family's story, making it into a glorious memoir for future generations.

Deciding on the details

The first step is to choose your preferred book size from the seven available. Each one comes with a cm guide to let you know how big it will be when printed. Once you're settled on your size, you can choose from six paper types. Order a paper swatch pack and you'll get to feel which one is right for your project. There is a detailed explanation on the different papers, along with images, on the blog. Bob Books’ classic, gloss and matte papers come with perfect bound stitching, whereas the photographic lay-flat paper range comes with lay-flat binding.

If you want to make the book look even more swanky, you can add gold, silver or gloss highlights to the text on the front and back cover of your book.

To find out more, visit Bob Books by clicking here.

By Team GWG
February 2021


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