Gifts for Newborns

With the arrival of her third baby, The Duchess of Cambridge will be showered with gorgeous gifts from friends, relations and well-wishers. But buying a present that is fit for a prince is no mean feat. Here, we seek out twelve of the most charming new-baby gifts around – for little ones and their deserving mothers.

Jacadi changing bag

The changing bag may be the most mundane item in the new mother’s armoury – out this is the Rolls Royce of changing bags.

Bunnykins plate and cup

Royal Doulton has been selling its divine Bunnykins range since the 1930s. If it was good enough for The Queen and Princess Margaret when they were little, it’s good enough for anyone.

Personalised Noah’s Ark print

A biblical illustration with plenty of jolly animals, this print is sure to perk up the nursery walls.

Personalised hooded towel

Hooded towels are always indescribably sweet – but, with their Liberty print initials, these ones take the prize.

Olivier Baby cashmere hat

He’s got to keep warm, so he might as well look delectable while he’s at it.

The Persephone Box Set

The breastfeeders out there will thank you for Persephone’s “Six Books for the New Mother” bundle, an exquisitely presented set of novels by female authors.

Jelly Cat Blossom Beige Bunny

Babies fall so deeply in love with these bunnies that households across the land keep several spares – to avoid nighttime histrionics when one goes missing.


She’s just given birth, she doesn’t want to slave over the stove – but there’s got to be food on the table. Cue these delicious frozen dishes.

Bamford baby products

Bathtime becomes a total pleasure when these goodies are in the mix.

White Company Star and Heart Print Sleeping Bag

Snug, pretty and – fingers crossed – the route to an excellent night’s sleep all round.

Biscuiteers biscuits

There couldn’t be a better moment for a big old box of biscuits with a lovely nostalgic design.

Brora cashmere blanket

This soft and cosy baby blanket is perfect for the cot, car and pram.