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Whether you’re looking for a truly special Valentine’s gift to delight your beloved or you’re ruminating on how to lavish love upon your peerless matriarch in time for Mother’s Day, there is one rule that it always pays to adhere to in the arena of present-buying. The more personal the gift, the more treasured it is likely to be.

Keep memories alive

And there are few more personal ideas than that of creating a book dedicated to the memories that you have built together. Bob Books’ photobooks offer the scope to put together a bespoke album/ tome that truly reflects your lives together, your personal history and your relationship. You can opt for more bijoux options, such as the small landscape photobook, right through to a large landscape format or large portrait option for a more lavish end product.

Make it personal

Our lives are made up of moments. Thanks to the inspired gift of a Bob Books photobook, you can make an edit of all those that that have stood out to you and captured the spirit of a time so that they, in turn, may yet be handed down the generations. For anyone who has ever looked in fascination upon the old albums of grandparents and even great grandparents, lamenting all the while our own lack of them, this is the chance to redress that oversight – for the sake of grandchildren to come.

Never have we collectively been more snap-happy, and yet never has there been a moment since the dawn of photography in which we were less likely to have our photographs developed. Instead, most snaps live on our phones and computers or on our social media channels, where we enjoy them for a short while, but tend not to revisit them with much regularity.

Whilst keeping our images in our devices can be handy for instant accessibility, nothing beats the power of a physical printed image, or the feeling of flicking through old albums, cup of tea in hand. Whether you choose for your Bob Books photobook to chart your romance, from the first date through to the wedding day and beyond, or you fill it with old photographs from childhood as testament to an amazing mum, it will tell a story that no social media post can rival. Alternatively, a photobook can be a great way to keep a track of the year’s adventures, or to create a personalised birthday or anniversary present that they will always remember.

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By Nancy Alsop
January 2022

Nancy Alsop


Nancy is a magpie for the best in design and culture.