With three flagship stores and a lively, efficient website, Berghaus is leading the way in stylish & practical weatherproof kit. With 15% off everything until 3 Dec 2017.

Way back in 1966, two British climbers, Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, decided to address the fact that it was impossible to get decent outdoor gear in the UK. Their solution was to import it from elsewhere and sell it on in their shop in Newcastle.

This went so well that, soon, they were designing, testing and making their own quality climbing kit under the name of Berghaus. They’ve been innovating award-winning outdoor wear ever since.

Here, we pick out our favourite Berghaus jackets for men and women to keep out the winter chill. Don't miss out on 15% off everything, quoting code BERG15. This offer ends on Monday 3rd December 2017.

Women's Kittiwake Down Insulated Parka

With its fashionable fur trim, this cosy parka is as good for long, frosty walks as it is for hanging around with the kids in the park.

Men's Stormcloud Waterproof Jacket

The cool technology and adjustable hood of this jacket ensures that you stay dry in the worst kinds of weather.

Paclite 2.0 Women's Waterproof Jacket

Lightweight, waterproof and available in a range of stylish colours, this jacket is the answer when you need to be packing light.

Men's Hudsonian Down Insulated Parka

There is a slighty retro feel to this ridiculously warm duck down parka – even a blizzard wouldn’t get the better of you in it.

Women's Pele Down Insulated Jacket

Super-warm but lightweight too, this jacket carries on working even in the wettest conditions – and its brilliant stretchy cuffs lock in the heat.

Men's Long Cornice Jacket

The longer length of this versatile jacket offers extra protection from the elements – whatever you are up to.

Women's Walmere Waterproof Jacket

A superb all-rounder for winter, this long-ish jacket is bulk-free, fully insulated and pleasingly stylish.

Men's Extrem Ramche 2.0 Down Insulated Jacket

This superhero of a jacket offers the perfect balance of warmth to weight – bodymapping technology has been used to place its insulation exactly where it is needed most.

Women's Dalemaster Waterproof Jacket

This jacket works well for day-to-day use but is a great choice for hardcore adventure-seeking, too. Plus, its generous pockets reduce the need to carry anything extra with you.