12 Of The Best Shoe Styles From FitFlop

Creating some of the most comfortable footwear in the world, FitFlop is empowering you to 'Go The Extra Mile.'

FitFlop is repeatedly told that it creates the most comfortable footwear in the world and lots of you agree. We’re all conscious that we should be putting more steps into our daily routine and sometimes, it’s the footwear that holds us back. Not so with FitFlop; these are shoes you can wear all day and into the evening, without compromising on style.

So how long does it take to walk a mile? It’s about 2,000 steps and should take you a mere twenty minutes. Whether you’re on your way into work, why not jump off the bus a few stops early or take the stairs, not the lift? FitFlop’s footwear ensures you have spring in your step to go the extra distance. You’ll feel so much better about yourself and with FifFlop’s wide range of styles where you’re supported from the ground up by the unique combination of biomechanics, comfort and fashion, there really is something for everyone.

Check out this season’s latest offerings that perfectly combine precision ergonomics with style, helping you ‘go the extra mile’ whatever time of day.

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