These iconic portable diaries are a discrete yet assertive stamp of success and a mark of good taste amongst anyone worth their salts.

Sitting comfortably amidst the row of smart shops on London’s Bond and Sloane Streets and Manhattan’s West 57th, upmarket leather goods and stationary company, Smythson is a firm favourite of film stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Nicholson, and is one of only eight companies in the world to hold four royal warrants.


Appropriately, Smythson bears a ‘Royal Blue’ as its trademark house colour – a shade reputedly inspired by the Nile Blue colour viewed by founder Frank Smython on a trip to Egypt. Entranced by the colour, when Frank Smythson introduced what he claimed was the first ‘portable’ diary in 1887, he used a blue ‘featherweight’ paper rather than conventional pages. This tradition still continues and today, its iconic portable diaries are a discrete yet assertive stamp of good taste amongst anyone worth their salts.


Since its early incarnation, the Smythson collection has naturally expanded and now includes books, stationery, pens and pencils, leather goods such as handbags, wallets, jewellery boxes, and much, much more – all of which is available online at its predictably classy, tailored and understated website.

Simply laid out and with clear, high quality imagery, you can browse the range of products by clicking on categories including Business & Office, Travel Goods, Ladies’ Leather Goods, Mens’ Leather Goods and more. You can also choose what kind of high quality leather and colour you would like from a range that includes Black Calfskin, Black Pigskin, Aqua, Lilac Aruba Cerise and more; for more decorative tastes, the 1950s style printed Deco leather is striking choice.

For those who mind about being up to date, it also offers seasonal collections and it has a suitably fancy selection of wedding gifts for smart friends. As you would expect for such high quality fare, it’s pricey, but when was anything worth having ever cheap?