Letter writing fans should check out the beautifully designed stationery subscription service that’s creating a bit of a buzz.

Here at The Good Web Guide, we’ve always loved HoneyTree Publishing, the award-winning online stationer with an exceptional eye for detail. So it comes as no surprise that we are also lapping up their new branch, HoneyTree Post.

Haven’t you always wished that you were the person with a perfectly curated desk drawer full of the right cards and paper for every mood and occasion? Well now you can be.

Tapping into the widespread addiction to gorgeous stationery, HoneyTree Post is a subscription service that delivers through your letterbox a prettily illustrated stash of cards and paper every month.

The team at HoneyTree Post say: “No more searching out dog-eared postcards and flimsy cards from the cupboard, you can proudly send beautifully illustrated stationery, knowing it is as unique and exclusive as you are.”

HoneyTree Post offers two types of subscription. With the Stationery Lovers Subscription, each monthly box includes four greeting cards plus a mixture of writing paper, postcards, notecards, gift tags or stickers. With the Greetings Cards Subscription, each box includes four unique greetings cards.

All of the designs are exclusive to HoneyTree and the stationery is illustrated with a new, seasonal theme every month (April’s is butterflies, for example; December might feature some holly; expect a love heart or two in February, and so on).

The company’s Queen Bee is Somerset-based chief designer Lizbeth Holstein. She creates the artwork for HoneyTree’s products with watercolour and inks. Stationery is in her blood: her mother and sister are also artists and her brother has his own card company.

She says: “I love to see customers turn into stationery lovers, who send beautiful notes and cards to friends not because it’s their birthday, or because they feel they should, but just ‘because’.”

Sign up for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Admin just got a whole lot sweeter.

April 2018