Diaries and stationery that bring order to your chaos.

The Dodo Pad began life way back in 1966 as the desk diary that gave you space to doodle. It quickly gathered a cult following and soon became 'indodispensable', as the website says.


Fifty years on, The Dodo Pad still reigns today bringing order to your chaos and it has evolved into a great range of assorted stationery to help you along your way. If you are new to the Dodo Pad, catch up with its history which is engagingly told on the website.

If you already know about the values of the Dodo Pad, we recommend you hot foot it to the Dodo-Pad Shop and immerse yourself in its various formats. There is the spiral bound desk diary of old that doesn't look a day older than when it was first published in the 60s. There are wall hanging calendar versions - in both weekly and monthly formats, a Mini Dodo Pad for your pocket or, for students, the Dodo Acad-Pad mid-year diary, which runs from September to August. Beautiful Italian leather slipcovers have been designed to hold the desk and mini diaries and both the Dodo Pad and Acad-Pad now come in three Filofax compatible formats too, Personal, A5 and A4. The DodoPOD holds a number of DodoPAX inserts (including a loose-leaf diary) enabling you to keep all your jottings and pieces of paper stored tidily in one place.

There are address books, the essential Christmas Co-Ordinator, a birthday calendar and card store, as well as organisers for recipes, household and garden cuttings. You can plan your weddding in the 'Book of the Big Day' or chart your pregnancy in the 'Book of the Big Bump.' book of dates and books for recipes, household and garden cuttings. We like the Dodon't Forget range - sticky notes, door pads and magnetic fridge pads. And there are generously sized mugs too with witty illustrated proverbs from around the world.

Dodo-phernalia make great presents as well as being hugely practical and they are so much more fun than a Filofax.

May 2017