The luxurious menswear brand created by a member of the Royal Family.

Inspired by the great Scottish outdoors, FIDIR is a luxurious new men’s clothing and accessories brand.

The world is pretty much Eddy Downpatrick’s oyster. He went to Eton and Oxford, has worked in the City, enjoys fitness, travel and adventure, speaks several languages – and he’s the grandson of The Duke of Kent.

Among the twenty-nine-year-old’s greatest loves, however, is Scotland. “Despite the horizontal rain and the gloom, as I’ve grown up I’ve appreciated the Highlands more and more, and that’s really where I long to be,” he told Tatler magazine recently.

So it comes as no surprise that he has set up a stylish men’s clothing company inspired by Scotland’s Highlands and islands. Called FIDIR (a Gaellic word, meaning “to feel, experience, explore”), the high-end online retailer sells very nice, slightly boyish, duffle bags, t-shirts, waterproofs, etc.

Eddy first dreamed up FIDIR about nine years ago, while hiking in Scotland. He and his business partner, Justine Dalby, launched in May 2017.

They say: “Our products are rooted in the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and islands, whether it be the materials, colours, or finer details which evoke the rugged beauty of this magnificent terrain.

“We design FIDIR with the comfort demanded by everyday use, but with a durability and versatility that lends itself to use in the great outdoors.”

You get the feeling that Eddy has put a lot of himself into the deeply unpretentious collection – every item comes in lovely, earthy colours and looks easy to wear.

Makers of mens accessories often get washbags horribly wrong – but FIDIR’s is perfect.

Every man should get one of FIDIR’s thick cotton sweatshirts in his stocking this year. The caps, cardholders and beanies are great-value stocking fillers, too.

And the Hancock x FIDIR jacket is a really refreshing take on the trans-seasonal, lightweight coat.

FIDIR’s Instagram feedFIDIR’s Instagram feed (@fidirstore) will make you want instantly to take a Highland hike. The site has a fab blog, too, with stunning photography and plenty of food for any adventurer’s soul.

October 2018