Fill Your Pants

Making reusable nappies funky.

Reusable nappies have gone a long way since the traditional terry nappy squares of old and now the market is full of great looking nappies with Fill Your Pants being a one-stop shop to supplying you with all that you need.


Fill Your Pants introduces new parents into the world of reusable nappies with sensible advice on getting started. You can choose trial packs and kits that include everything you need and by choosing the packs, you'll be saving money. The nappies in the range are definitely funky. BumGenius is one of the most popular, easy to use, quick to dry and available with different fastening and colours. Tots Bots nappies have excellent absorbency and the fun range of prints always makes them a popular choice. In this range, you'll also find washable liners that keep the skin dry. Itti Bitti from Australia have a luxuriously silky and soft waterproof outer. What all these nappies have in common is that they are great for showing off.

Taking resuable one step further, Fill Your Pants stocks Cheeky Wipes, a new product that is taking the world of baby wipes by storm! This kit provides everything you need to make using washable wipes easy and convenient, whilst saving you money.

The company also sells a range of other baby products including clothing, baby carriers, nursery stuff, teething necklaces and gifts. There is free mainland UK delivery on orders over £50.


There are compelling arguments as to why you should use reusable nappies for your baby and if you have any doubts, Fill Your Pants outlines the many benefits. For starters, a baby spends approximately 25,000 hours in nappies with 6000 nappy changes. (Cloth nappies protect a baby's delicate skin.) Eight million disposable nappies are used in the UK every day ending up in landfill. By using reusable nappies, parents can reduce their household waste by half. Add to the mix, the 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum feedstocks and 20 pounds of chlorine used to produce nappies for one baby each year. And of course, by using reusable nappies, you'll save money.


Fill Your Pants has recruited a team of advisors, the Nappy Gurus, who are based around the UK. They can give demonstrations and offer one-to-one advice. Gurus are also available on the Live chat service, where you can get real time advice when needed. Fill Your Pants is looking for new recruits, a job that you can fit around your lifestyle, giving you the opportunity to work with the best products and excellent support.