Grannies Inc

Choosing a hat or scarf has never been more fun.

Grannies Inc is a wonderful site that offers an extended range of custom-made knitwear, including beanies, scarves, headband and wrist warmers, all of which has been hand-knitted to order by grannies in the UK.


Each product is one of a kind and customers are given the opportunity to design their own knitwear via a simple online designer tool, before having it transformed into a one-off article by an eagerly awaiting granny. For example, if you are choosing a beanie, you can decide which style you’d like (fitted, baggy or earflapper), which stitch you’d like, which size (if you think your head is larger than extra large, you can specifiy measurements) and which colours, or choose from the site’s own collection of designs. The design is then hand-made into your very own, truly individual hat by a knitter with decades of experience behind her. Customers are able to select the granny that they would like to knit their item. Meanwhile, each item features the name of the new owner as well as being signed by the granny who knitted it.


With a range of 24 colours of 100% British-spun Merino wool, a choice of up to six different kinds of stitch, as well as added features such as bows or flowers, Grannies Inc is surely the only place to come for your knitted accessories and gifts. Little wonder a Grannies Inc hat or scarf is beginning to take on a cult status – the community section of the site features a gallery of pictures of happy Grannies, Inc customers wearing their various new knitted accessories; a selection of the Grannies Inc team’s favourite designs of the month; and a feedback section in which numerous happy customers have written in to say thank you. This is a friendly site with a community-spirited feel to it and a personal touch. The knitted products are second to none and choosing a hat or scarf has never been so fun.

10 December 2010