This is why Blooming Dreamer is the jewellery website that we love right now.

Lose yourself in the jewellery and baskets of the pretty, whimsical website that is Blooming Dreamer.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. Designer Hannah Blurton created Blooming Dreamer in 2015 to showcase her small but perfectly formed collection of handcrafted jewellery and baskets. Not jewellery, baskets and other sundry items, just jewellery and baskets.

Burton, an art-school graduate who was raised in the countryside, says: “I have always loved sourcing things on my travels, and people started coming up to me more and more asking about what I was wearing and where it was from. Then I thought: maybe I could make a living out of it.

“I have always had an eye for beautifully crafted items… I think about and do things in my own way, so setting up my own business just works for me.”

There is a delicate, nostalgic, Seventies vibe running through all of Blooming Dreamer’s pieces. It comes as no surprise that Jane Birkin is one of Burton’s muses for the brand, whose calming, natural themes include flowers, fur, shells and jewel-coloured stones.

We are desperate to get our hands on a Sunrise Shell Rainbow Necklace and we can’t get the Sienna Basket out of our minds.

Burton is keen to work with small, local manufacturers to make sure that everything is ethically made. She says: “I try to focus on the longevity of handmade items over mass produced ones. It’s scary to think of all the disposable stuff people are consuming.”

The Sunday Times raved recently about Blooming Dreamer, declaring: “any female-helmed brand promoting sustainable and slow fashion get the thumbs up from us.”

The site itself is gorgeous. With its millennial pink background, it is as sparse and romantic as the designs it sells. However, reluctant though we are to be negative about a platform as pretty as this one, we are compelled to complain that the promising Journal section isn’t updated regularly enough and that the mysterious Dreamgirls Collective section is unfinished and said to be “coming soon”.

Perusing is a pleasure nevertheless.

September 2018