Sun Togs

Leading retailer of UV clothing in the UK.

Keep your family protected from the sun’s harmful rays with Sun Togs' excellent range of UV clothing and UV swimwear, catering for men, women, children and babies.

Skin cancer is currently the most common form of cancer in Great Britain. With over ten years of experience in sun safety, Sun Togs is a proud sponsor of SKCIN, the first dedicated UK Skin Cancer Charity (


We all need to look after ourselves when out in the sun, but children need particular protection for their young, delicate skin. Sun Togs has a wide range of colourful clothing for babies and small children, including UV sunhats, UV swimshorts, UV boys' swimshirts, girls' UV sunsuits, swimsuits and much more. Lion in the Sun offer UV playsuits and sunhats for babies (starting at 12 months) meaning you can let them play in the sunshine without the worry.


Sun Togs has expanded its range to include leisurewear, wet weather gear and ski clothing - so you can now be protected whatever the weather!


Aside from protective clothing, Sun Togs also offers speciality sunscreens from a variety of brands (Caribbean Blue, Proderm, Ultrasun) as well as sunglasses, swimming aids, insect repellents and much more; in fact all the holiday essentials you should need.

March 2012