Storm in a D Cup

Glamorous, supportive swimwear & bikinis for women with bigger busts.

The bigger busted woman may be envied by her less well endowed friends, but when it comes to finding supportive, glamorous swimwear she has traditionally been out of luck – the scraps of stringy material found in most swimwear shops simply don’t cut it.


The lack of choice in swimwear for the curvier lady was something noticed by Jenny Murphy, herself a DD cup, while working as a swimwear buyer for Kings Road Sporting Club. Having some sympathy with this market, she had travelled widely looking for a brand to supply to this demand, but had battled to find anything remotely supportive or sexy. Prior to joining KRSC, Jennifer had worked in the swimwear industry in South Africa for eight years designing a successful children’s swimwear range and acting as a swimwear design consultant for major swim and surf labels. The obvious solution to this gap in the market was thus to design her own swimwear range.


Storm in a D Cup was launched in 2004, finally bringing bigger busted women a choice in style and design which had so long been missing from the swimwear market. The website itself is extremely clear and easy to use with excellent photography illustrating well the small but perfectly formed range. Each year a new collection is launched with 50% knocked off the previous year’s ranges. It’s refreshing to see such a vibrant and stylish choice for the D cup plus sized market. Whether you’re looking for solid colours, vibrantly coloured patterns, bikinis, tankinis, swimsuits or beach kaftans and t-shirt dresses, you can find it all here.


If you’re unsure about your size, you can use the online Fitting Guide and if the size still isn’t right, you can return your purchase within 14 days for a refund. Storm in a D Cup gives larger busted women a new found confidence when wearing and choosing swimwear.