You can't fail to feel sexy after a spending spree at this classy online lingerie boutique.

A real treat for the girls (and, no doubt, the boys), Myla was founded in 1999 as a lifestyle concept offering a flattering, sexy and luxurious collection of lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear and an exclusive range of bedroom accessories.

For Spring 2010, Myla offers women something to indulge all sides of their femininity. Drawing inspiration from the opulence of the 1940s, elegant design and strong silhouettes will give rein to the inner seductress while fun and frivolous feminine detail will appeal to the cheeky fun loving girl in all of us.


Heading straight for the heart of style and cool, Myla opened its first boutique in Notting Hill, where its reputation grew as a favourite of Kate Moss’s, Samantha’s in Sex and the City and all the Notting Hill trendies. Myla keeps this high class sex-appeal going with its very snazzy website, divided into underwear categories including The Ultimate Tease; Seasonal Collection, Boudoir Collection and Classic Collection and featuring all sorts of lacy, silky, sexy and colourful bras, pants, corsets and suspenders.


The range is modelled by an array of stunning models (including Lydia Hearst – heiress to the publishing fortune), who pull a variety of seductive poses for the camera and set the bar high for the rest of us aspiring sex-kittens. In addition to lingerie, Myla offers a great selection of Sleepwear – but if you were expecting fluffy, floor length dressing-gowns and cosy pyjamas, you can think again. There is afterall, a time and a place for everything, and if you’re wearing sleepwear from Myla, one gets the feeling you won’t be doing much sleeping. Which is why you should also take a peek at the Toys and Accessories categories. The Rolls Royce of sex toys, Myla’s sex toys are made by famous designers out of gold and silver and have names like Pebble or Forget-Me-Knot, making an area that is often portrayed as a bit seedy and vulgar feel really very classy.

Search for a gift by product, price or colour and, if you want to try your goods on in person, look through the store finder to find one of its 13 stores. Enjoy!