An essential site for modelmakers.

Hobbies supplies everything that the keen modelmaker might need from kits to plans and tools to books.

Hobbies of Dereham has been trading since 1895 and is famous for its Hobbies Handbook, which can be bought online for £2.75. The complete catalogue range of this modelmaker's bible is available to browse from their easy-to-use site. They are very happy to take phone calls too and their telephone number is accessible on most pages.

Just about every type of modelmaking is covered here, offering a huge range of products. Despite the site's size, it is neatly organised into categories. The following gives you an idea of the breadth of products on offer.

Dolls' Houses: Three different scales of furniture, wallpaper, accessories and lighting.
Boats: Includes model ships, radio control boats, steam engines (plant and engines), kits and plans.
Weaponry: Cannons, trebuchets, catapults.
Aircraft: Balsa kits, remote control, flying toys, plans.
Wheeled toys: Including toy wheels of all sizes.
Musical/Clock Movements: Sankyo musical movements with different well-known melodie and clock faces/movements in different sizes.
Craft kits & books: Marquetry, matchstick kits, cutters.
Tools: Fretsaws, blades, hand tools, miniature wood turning lathe.

For old hands at modelmaking, Hobbies is part of their lives but for new ones, you will be listing this excellent site on your favourites list.