We Are What We Do

An attempt to address the pervading sense of Western malaise and guilt.

We Are What We Do is ‘a new movement inspiring people to use their everyday actions to change the world.’ It began life as a project of the Community Links charity and is funded by proceeds from the publications Change the World For A Fiver and Change The World 9 To 5 books. The site also sells postcards, calendars and posters.

There is plenty to do on the site. There are message boards, photo albums, short animated films to download, video clips inspired by the movement and lesson plans for teachers. At all times visitors are encouraged to participate. ‘Do Something’ takes you to a page with a long list of actions, from ‘planting a tree’ to ‘putting your gum in the bin’. Alongside each action is a total of the number of people who have so far ticked it off their list. You are encouraged to suggest new actions and register to keep a track of the ones you’ve already completed. The site claims that more than one million actions have been logged so far.

The appeal of the site is that you find yourself believing you are part of something. However, the unrelentingly quirky nature of the enterprise, which seeks to co-opt the ‘do-gooder’ into the ranks of the cool, will not be to everyone’s taste. In essence We Are What We Do is an attempt to address the pervading sense of Western malaise and guilt. It will provoke and entertain in equal measure.