Join the movement with Timberland, the bootmakers with a conscience.

Timberland is behind, an online community that brings together like minded people across the world, who love the outdoors and care about the environment. Timberland is harnessing the community’s energy to make everyone do their bit to make the world a better, more environmentally friendly place.

Timberland and its range of boots and shoes have always focused on the outdoors but the company is fully aware of the impact its industry can have on the environment. Earthkeeper gear turns the tables with its eco credentials using recycled materials, organic cotton and leather from tanners that have attained silver rated status from the Leather Working Group.


Earthkeeper’s goal is to inform, inspire and engage one million people to take the first simple steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Follow the easy steps to make a pledge, shop responsibly, plant a tree and attend eco-events.


There are plenty of ideas on how to lessen your footprint and to start, you need to choose five pledges from five categories that cover auto, food, lawn and garden, lifestyle and home. These could be riding a bike instead of driving, use cloth bags when shopping, replace old lightbulbs with eco friendly ones, buy locally grown food and start a compost bin. Set up an account to make sure you actually stay on the right track. You’ll get tips and reminders on how to reach your goals and you can let the Earthkeepers’ community know how you’re doing.


Read about Timberland’s projects that have overseen the planting of 980,099 trees in 169 projects in twenty-six countries.


Wyclef Jean is an ambassador for the movement.  The award-winning musician and humanitarian from Haiti is one of seven Earthkeeper Heroes within the company's Earthkeepers programme, galvanising people into action globally.