Start living a sustainable lifestyle with Start; a green initiative that reminds us to use our initiative!

Start is a new online guide to sustainable living in the UK, set up by the Prince of Wales Trust.

This is a really engaging site, full of clever ideas, bright colours and quirky photography. Clearly laid out so as not to bore or confuse, there is a youthful sense of optimism and joy about Start that will not fail to charm. The message is clear; it is easy to live sustainably, so why not try it?


With the help of Start, we can all work towards making small changes that could, when added up, make a big impact on the environment. Explore the menu bar, with its options of Eat, Travel, Living, Save Energy, Save Water, Think and Events. Whichever one you click on will be packed with well-written articles covering such topics as how to keep chickens, exactly what can be recycled, or information about sustainable cleaning products. Find out what a shwopping party involves, try some wild swimming or learn to grow your own fruit and veg in an old wellie boot or beer crate. Start is all about making the most of what we already have, and what nature provides for us.


There is so much to read about on the site that we could go on, but the best way to get on with your new sustainable life, is to log on to Start and get started.