The Nautical Company

Find your fashion sea-legs with this great selection of French yachting wear.

As an island nation it is no surprise that our taste in clothes often takes on a maritime theme, and how better to indulge in this than by visiting The Nautical Company? Nobody works seafaring style quite like our fashionable friends across the channel, and in respect of this, The Nautical Company source their clothing from the best French yachting labels.


The Nautical Company collection caters for the whole family and should solve all your seaside fashion concerns. Everything on the site is of the best quality; most of their products being made by small manufacturers in Brittany, using age-old traditional methods. There are classic Breton wool jumpers for men, available in black and navy, and some lovely (not to mention practical) nautical clothing for women. Check out the women’s nautical lined waterproof Jacket, which should keep off the wind and the rain, whilst maintaining your fashion street-cred!


Since Chanel championed the iconic Breton shirt in 1917, it has been gathering gravitas in the fashion world and now many poor quality copies can be found on the high street. For the authentic Breton, worn by French fishermen for generations, you won’t find better than at The Nautical Company. This is not to say that colours are restricted to the traditional navy and white; there are plenty of jazzed up alternatives for those in search of a touch of colour. Perfect for almost any occasion, once you own a Breton you will wonder how you ever got by without one!


Delivery within the UK takes 2-3 working days at a cost of £4.95 or free of charge for orders over £50.