The Name Label Company

Make lost school uniform a thing of the past with these efficient and fun nametags.

Put a stop to the kids coming home in strange jumpers and mis-matching socks by paying a visit to The Name Label Company. Labelling your family’s belongings should enable you to keep track of school uniform, games kit, books and clothes much more easily.


The Name Label Company provide labels for all manner of surfaces and situations. There is an extensive range of iron-on name labels, sew-in name labels, stick-on labels and tagg-on labels, as well as an option to order bespoke labelling. Maybe you want traditional embroidered name tapes, or are looking for something a bit different or decorative to make your belongings more identifiable; The Name Label Company will provide the solution.


The Name Label Company have worked hard to make the ordering process as quick and painless as possible and you can even order from your smartphone.To order your nametags, simply choose the kind of name label you want, type in the appropriate name, pay up and await your delivery. Delivery is FREE on all UK orders, and should arrive in a couple of days. 

6 August 2012