The Complete University Guide

Oxbridge, a campus university, a redbrick?

The Complete University Guide is a good resource for students and parents looking for as much information as they can about the UK’s many and varied academic institutions.


Although we tend to think of it as a matter of universities choosing students, it also works the other way around. If you have an offer from three different places, which do you choose? Nothing beats visiting a place and going on your gut instinct, but you would be wise to find out as much as you can about the university, the course you'd like to do, as well as the town and social life. That's where this website can help you.


You'll find some helpful advice here in the Choosing a University section. You can also check out the University Profiles and the latest league tables. Mammas and Pappas would be well advised to look at Parents, which offers advice on such things as preparing for your child to leave home. As the cost of going to university has become prohibitive for many, no one should avoid taking a look at the Money section.

The Complete University Guide is a little crowded and would benefit from a revamp to make the content clearer and more accessible, but it's a very useful website if you are about to set off on the undergraduate trail.

9 August 2010