Taking maths beyond the pages of a book into a thriving online learning community.

If your child struggles with maths and lacks enthusiasm and confidence in the subject, is something of a saviour. Created as a support for both individual children and schools, covers Key Stage 1 to A Level (in line with all curricula in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), helping pupils to enjoy and improve their skills via a series of online maths games and tests that make learning fun and easy.


Compared with the learning-by-rote-days of old, children can now enjoy the best that digital technology offers, taking maths beyond the pages of a book into a thriving online learning community. Parents (and schools) that invest in invest in can expect to see dramatically improved maths results in their children with 99.2% of those who attempt an activity three times achieving mastery.

Three million students and 7000 schools use, undertaking more than 750 learning activities - including real-time games of speed and skill - which respond to each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Children also have access to animated Times Tables and the Concept Search, improving understanding through visual clues and interactive animations.

Step-by-step animated support accompanies each task so it is like having a teacher by your side twenty-four hours a day. Children can compete with fellow pupils and those from across the world, with many children choosing to compete at home out of school hours. Weekly reports on their child’s progress are emailed to parents or teachers, with a graph illustrating individual children’s path of improvement as they become more familiar with maths.


The site features live stats including a running metre of correct answers and the number of ‘mathletes’ online around the globe. From personalising their learning environment to earning a place on the covetable live World Hall of Fame, these rewards ensure that your child’s interest in maths continues to grow.

May 2013