Holiday Nanny

For a really restful holiday and smiles all round

Holiday Nanny is a unique, specialist agency supplying the highest calibre nannies to accompany families on holiday.

Carefully matching a nanny's skills, qualifications and personality to the children they will be looking after and family, Holiday Nanny is designed to give parents a truly relaxing holiday, without the worries of finding childcare.

Whether you are travelling in the UK or abroad, Holiday Nanny goes out of its way to find nannies who are not only experienced, fluent in English and of a high enough standard to pass a rigorous selection process, but also look for that extra something to make the perfect match with a family.

So if you are going on an outdoor holiday they match you a sporty nanny, for a cultural city break perhaps a musical nanny and for a country getaway how about an artistic nanny.

If you have a newborn or a child with special needs then Holiday Nanny have experienced nannies with the utmost of confidence and service.

Nannies can be booked on a weekly basis, prices start at £425 for a week and there is no registration fee.

Your Holiday Nanny will also lend a helping hand travelling to and from your holiday destination, built in baby-sitting and the reassurance that your children will have the best care available, wherever you are.