Like Minders

Banish those babysitting nightmares and book a Like Minder.

Much as we love our children, it is important to enjoy life away from them occasionally. This is where Like Minders comes in; an online bespoke childcare and babysitting agency for London, giving the capital’s parents absolute peace of mind that their child is in the safest of (CRB checked) hands.


Like Minders was founded by university friends, Bryony Churchill and Georgie Jones. Bryony has 14 years of childcare expertise under her belt, while Georgie is gaining firsthand experience of juggling motherhood with running a successful business! Both understand how important it is to parents that they can have an affordable, flexible childminder, in whom they can place their complete trust. All of the childminders within the agency have been through a stringent selection and vetting process, and are required to have the very best references and experience. For added peace of mind excellent advice is offered on the site for those trying out the service, or a new carer, for the first time. As a first timer, it may also by wise to email or call the Like Minders Team 9am-7pm to discuss your own particular child care needs.

The Like Minders site is a masterclass in website design; being bright and engaging without over-complication (rather like the service they offer). Their online booking system will revolutionise your social life - and bid farewell to last minute babysitter dramas.


Customers pay a monthly £10 membership fee, plus a £3 fee for each booking. There is a price list on the site explaining all hourly/daily rates for evening and daytime childcare, party nannies, holiday nannies, temporary nannies and so on.


In most instances, if you have found a babysitter or childminder that you particularly like, Like Minders will endeavour to book the same one for you whenever possible.