Christmas Gift Guide for ages 6-11

The soft cuddly toy phase is officially over (how did that happen?) and they’re on to the non-cutesy (still a bit cute) big kids’ toys in earnest. Luckily, our gift guide is crammed with fun and interactive ideas for six to eleven year olds.

20Q Yellies Spider, £14.95, Harrods

These spiders may look absurdly cute, but the more noise the kids make, the faster Mr Spider runs. Yikes!

Wooden Routine Clock, £12, John Lewis

Educational and pretty. Teach them the time, seasons and months of the year with this lovely wooden interactive clock.

Motorboat, £14.99, Quirky Gadgets

Attach this genius little motor to any handmade boat of your choice (paper or wood) and watch it sail off into the sunset.

Dinosaur Room Projector, £14, Marks & Spencer

This dinosaur projector is perfect for little ones who have trouble falling asleep. Who knew a dinosaur could be so soothing?

Smart Ball, £20, Wicked Uncle

This fantastic ball counts keepy-uppys for you and will please any footie fanatics out there.

World Map Placemat, £22, Alice Peto

These beautiful placemats are perfect for any budding geographer and are rather pleasing on the eye too.

The Original Den Kit, £40, NOTH

Den-building kits are perfect for kids who enjoy making hide-outs. It also means that your sofas and sheets are safe – for the moment.