Make sure your Christmas presents are the best looking under the tree this year. Follow Jane Means' advice...

Jane Means is known as Britain’s gift wrap guru with her courses attracting clients worldwide. Her wrapping is simple and eye catching, yet cost effective and appeals to those who appreciate small individual touches. Jane is a regular on TV and Radio and has also appeared on Radio 5 Live Business Hour, BBC News, This Morning and on BBC 2's Jeremy Vine show.


We all know that your gifts will get even more appreciation from the recipients if the presents are beautifully wrapped. Follow Jane's advice and you can be sure that your gifts will be the best looking under the tree. For more inspiration, visit Jane's blog and website,

• Before you start wrapping up gifts, make sure you have everything to hand, sellotape, sharp scissors, ribbon, gift tags etc.

• Use plain mix and match papers which can be used year round for various seasons.

• Add small festive embellishments if you're using ribbon. Or simply stick to a corner of the gift.

• For awkward shapes, use flexible wrapping like tissue, cellophane and floral wrap (cellulose paper).

• If you are wrapping something sharp, pad with tissue or bubble wrap first.

• If wrapping a particular object is proving a disaster, rather than trying to correct it, take a deep breath and start again.

• Gift bags can be dressed and are an ideal way to tackle awkward shapes. Punch a hole at the top of the bag and tie a bow.

• Use double sided tape for that professional touch (or use small amounts of tape and cover with ribbon.

• If you are wrapping something round (i.e. football) place a bowl underneath your paper to keep it still.

• When wrapping garments, fold neatly in to a compact square or oblong and wrap with tissue.

• If you’re still struggling, make sure you enrol for one of Jane Means' Gift Wrapping courses next year.

Updated December 2019