Five sites to make shopping for your family’s stockings a pleasure, not a chore.

Yes, it’s that time of year again; those stockings aren’t going to fill themselves. With a little guidance from us, though, you can pretend that you are the jolliest sort of Santa. Here are five great stocking-filler sites that may not have crossed your mind.

Not Another Bill

Originally founded as a gift-subscription service in 2011, Not Another Bill has evolved into one of the most inspirational purveyors of presents around. They pride themselves on listening to their customers in order to understand the colours, styles and shapes that truly great gifts come in. You could use this one site to cross off your entire Christmas list. Even if you don’t, be sure to pick up at least a Splatter Print Pencil or two.


Predominantly for children, but with grown-up treats as well, Hedgehog is essential in the creation of a cracking Christmas stocking. The site is brimming with good ideas and nostalgic notes. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on their chocolate Swiss army knives, vintage comics and moustache glasses.

Meri Meri

Everything on offer here screams joy, good taste and the sheer wondrousness of childhood. From perky prints for bedroom walls to gorgeous finger puppets via neon bug tattoos and pom pom hair ties, Meri Meri has kids’ stocking fillers nailed. A fresh, modern and affordable haul awaits you.

Borough Kitchen

This slick website (the offshoot of three London stores) is nirvana for the at-home cook and host. Every item stocked adheres to the brand’s core values: function, durability and quality. Whether it is a pot, pan, knife, peeler, mug, vase or placemat, you can be sure it is a superior one. Our stocking favourites include the Reindeer Double Copper Cookie Cutter and the Borough Kitchen King Cube.

Labour and Wait

A motley collection of covetable little things is amassed here in one simple site. Their School Slate Set keeps small people occupied for ages. Foodies will love the gorgeous bottle of Maple Syrup. And the handmade Dinner Candles slip perfectly into the stockings of the trickiest customers.

November 2018