All Wrapped Up: Perfect Wrapping Paper and Ribbons For Christmas

Package up parcels destined for under the tree with these beautiful papers and ribbons.

The ceremony inherent in packaging up beautifully wrapped gifts for a loved one is part and parcel of the joy of present giving. There is nothing quite akin to watching the surprise and delight on the face of the recipient as they carefully unwrap (or tear like savages, depending on the person) a parcel done up with great care. To that end, we have rounded up the very loveliest wrapping paper, tags and ribbons, to bring you all the decorative elements you’ll need for a marathon of Christmas Eve cutting and sellotaping. All that’s left to do is pour a mulled wine, stick on the Nat King Cole and then slip a few sprigs of rosemary/ some dried oranges/ a stem of holly under the ribbon for the serious pros among us.

By Nancy Alsop
December 2020

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Royal Academy Shop

Xmas Wrap By Susanna Garrod, £2.95

Cox & Cox

Dot & Star Reversible Recycled Wrapping Paper, £13.50

Paper chase

Gold Nutcracker Christmas Wrapping, £4

The White Company

Grey Merry Christmas Wrapping Paper, £8


Nutcracker Gift Tags, Pack of 5, £2


Christmas 5 Wrap, £7.95

From Victoria Shop

Botanical Gift Wrap Set, £5.50

Kings Framers

William Morris Gift Tags, £4.99

Molly Mahon

Wrapping Paper – Gingham, £2.50

Pentreath & Hall

Fancy Letters Incised Wrapping Paper, £0.50

Choosing Keeping

Premium Quality Swiss Ribbon, 25m Roll, £12

John Lewis

Renaissance Star Gift Tags, Pack of 10, £6

Molly Mahon

Wrapping Paper – Tree, £2.50

AG Hendy & Co

Dome of Discovery, £28

Rowen & Wren

Velvet Ribbon, £8


Music Xmas Carols Wrapping Paper, 4 X A3 Sheets, £3.99

Cressida Bell

Angel Notelets, £6.95

Freight HHG

Red Twine, £5.50

Choosing Keeping

Christmas Wrapping Bundle, £15

Not On The High Street

Metallic Cotton Twine 80 Meter Roll, £9.95

And Keep

Cotton Fabric Gift Wrap Furoshiki, £6.95

Rowen & Wren

Folk Wrapping Paper, £3

Nancy Alsop


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