Best Christmas Jumpers of 2019

Our edit of the best – and the most kitsch – Christmas knits for men, women and children.

Ever since our first glimpse at Mark Darcy in THAT reindeer jumper, we’ve been hooked on kitsch knits for Christmas. For the remaining eleven months of the year, we strenuously try to avoid the cheesy in favour of the elegant, or as close an approximation to it as we can manage. But as the countdown to Christmas begins, we just can’t get enough reindeers, Santas or snowmen scudding across our knitwear.

There’s no explanation for it, and we won’t even try to give one; suffice to say, we just love Christmas Jumper Day and regard anyone who doesn’t as a massive Scrooge-like spoilsport, so there. We round up the best here, from the out-and-out kitsch to the actually really pretty lovely, would-be-happy-to-wear-the-whole-year-through numbers on the market.

For Men

Mark Darcy eat your heart out! From the classic reindeer number to the fancy end of the Christmas jumper spectrum.


For Kids

Kids' Christmas jumpers are no longer kitsch, just plain cute. We love this little crop of knits to keep them warm and toasty.


For Women

From the out-and-out cheesy to the cosy Icelandic-inspired, we’ve rounded up the best festive knits for her.