Feeling flustered and still looking out for kids' presents? Turn to Wicked Uncle who never run short on inspiration.

Feeling flustered and still looking out for kids' presents? Wicked Uncle is one of those sites to have bookmarked, as it will help you get out of many a sticky situation when you're lost for ideas when buying presents for girls and boys of all ages. We asked the busy team about this season's bestsellers and here they are... the toys selling like hot cakes.

Sticky Unicorn Poo

Strange but true.. throw it any flat surface and it splats and sticks. It even works as a stress ball -
unicorn poo as never seen before, legendary!

Motion Controlled Drone

Drone fun without the complicated remote, controlled by hand gestures alone. This brilliant light-up drone has a new intuitive way to fly, with a computer mouse styled gadget that works with the motion of your hand.

Pupbo Robotic Puppy

They want a dog for Christmas? Try this smart robot dog that can learn different tricks via your voice commands. The smart pet that doesn't need feeding or taking for walks.

Horrible Histories: Horrible Christmas

A bumper hardback stuffed full of strangely interesting facts and gruesome tales from the 12 days of Christmas. Full of dreadful jokes, rotten recipes and even a Christmas quiz to cheer up the family Scrooge - Bah, humbug.

Floating Target Game

This is an entertaining game that appeals to all ages; shoot targets floating in the air with sucker darts. As your shooting skills develop, you can even adjust the height of the balls by rotating the small green dials for added difficulty.

Emoji Light Box

Leave messages for family or friends - even create your very own text to wake up to. This quirky set also includes fifty-one official Emoji symbols, featuring some of the hilarious classics, 'Crying with Laughter', 'Heart Eyes' and even the popular 'Poop' Emoji.

December 2017