Not flowers again. Think beyond the norm this Valentine’s Day and shop for alternative Valentine’s Day gifts from these brilliant curious gift sites.

Flump Face from Firebox, £12.99

Trust Firebox to pull out the weird and the wonderful for alternative Valentine’s Day gifts. Firebox is renowned for pushing the boundaries when it comes to mad and curious gifts that will make you laugh. This Valentine’s Day, immortalise your partner’s face on a soft and sugary marshmallow Flump Face!
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Bee Mine Couples Mitten from Smitten Mitten, £26.55

You asked for alternative Valentine gifts; we bring you the couple glove from Smitten Mitten. Hate holding hands when wearing gloves? Time to discover the shareable mitten that was created in 1998 by an art student. First, they were only sold on ETSY in Boston, and now the shareable mittens are sold all around the world.

Leopard Personalised Set from Create Gift Love, £39

Looking for a tasteful trinket he or she won’t baulk at. No cuddly teddies please! We like Create Gift Love, a site selling personalized gifts made from ethically sourced wood, leather and stainless steel. Each of their personalized items, which include cufflinks and wooden engagement rings (!), are made to order by their small team in their New Forest workshop.

Mary Poppins umbrella from I Want One Of Those.Com, £19.99

Have you jumped on the Mary Poppins Returns bandwagon too? And is your partner practically perfect? We thought so. Embrace the child-like wonder and buy this magican nanny’s umbrella from I Want One Of Those.Com, the website for all gifts curious and envy-inducing.

Secret Book Case from Not Another Bill, £32

The website Not Another Bill is filled with interesting brands offering curated surprise presents that you won’t find elsewhere. We think their Secret Book Case would make a splendid unconventional Valentine’s Day gift. He or she can keep their valuables safely hidden in these unassuming tomes. Of course, the most romantic among you will fill it with diamonds. Or chocolates, at least.

Personalised songwriting service from Nina Clarke, from £150

For the ultimate alternative Valentine’s Day gift, commission singer-songwriter Nina Clarke to compose a song about someone you love. This is going to mean much more than an expensive watch of big bunch of flowers. Nina would sit down with you to discuss the person in question and then she would write, compose and record the song in question. Take a listen to Nina Clarke’s SoundCloud page for previous examples. We love her voice.

The Unusual Gift Box from Death To Flowers, £12

Make a refreshing change from sending flowers this year and go for truly random, laugh-inducing innovative gifts instead. The quirky company Death To Flowers specializes in sassy Chinese takeaway-esque gift boxes featuring curiosities such as Japanese-themed gifts, stationery, jewellery, fortune cookies – and, keeping everyone on their toes - a Jeremy Corbyn quote.

Uuni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven from, £199

Looking for unique, unusual, quirky gifts? Trawl the luxury emporium website of which sells wow, weird and wonderful homeware, gifts and furniture sourced by the coolest buyers in Europe, America and Australia. Instead of sitting down to a ghastly set menu in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, buy this lightweight wood fired Uuni pizza oven.

February 2019