We'll have none of that European talk here.

UKIP might sound like something you pick up in a public swimming pool but it stands for the United Kingdom Independence Party. Lead by Lord Pearson of Rannoch, its most famous member is former leader and current UKIP MEP Nigel Farage, the great charmer of Brussels, fighting the enemy from within with such grace and wit.


Like any single issue party, UKIP is defined by what it was established to fight for. If the UK does not withdraw from the EU before the end of the decade someone at UKIP Towers will have an aneurysm because they are ever so het up about it. Since 1993 the party has screamed and hollered, wailed and teeth-gnashed, and yet it has failed to create a mass national movement desperate to run screaming from Europe.

The problem for UKIP is that it cannot discuss anything else. "Global warming? Well, I didn't sign up for it. We must withdraw at once." "The recession? Well, no one asked the British people about that. We must get out of it immediately." "Education? Now we have no absolutely problem with schools, but we would prefer to be out than in."


Given UKIP's delusion that it speaks up for the ordinary man and woman in the street, it is no surprise that its website plays up the idea of ordinariness and decency. "SOD THE LOT" says the legend above photos of Brown, Cameron and Clegg. The party logo is a pound sign. The party is all about "straight talking." UKIP is desperate for the British voter to appreciate that it will never talk nonsense. Not once. It'll have none of that bull thank you very much. Not like those continentals.

13 April 2010