Geek the Vote

ahhhhhhhh, geek out...

Geeks feel under threat. With the controversial Digital Economy Bill having been rushed through parliament, the libel case against Simon Singh, the sacking of David Nutt and the UK below its target on science and technology spending, geeks might feel justified in thinking that no one is speaking up for their interests in public life. Step forward the man of the hour. 'I Agree With Nick' Clegg and his Liberal Democrats should be the party of choice for geeks, says new website Geek the Vote.


Geek the Vote includes the following disclaimer: "Please note that this site and the associated blog are an unofficial campaign and are not communications of the Liberal Democrat Party. Any inaccuracies are the fault of the individuals involved and do not necessarily reflect the official line of the party."

However, the site believes that the Lib Dems offer the "strongest case for building a geek-friendly Britain" and that sounds as official as unofficial gets. Geek the Vote says that Clegg's brave heroes have six policies that will appeal to the science and technology community. According to the site the Lib Dems are: 

1. Supporting free speech for scientists

2. Opposing the Great British firewall

3. Protecting the science budget.

4. Supporting independent expert advice

5. Making further study affordable

6. Championing women in science and technology


At present Geek the Vote is a list of Lib Dem policies, a blog and plenty of noise on twitter. But given the serious nature of many geek concerns, and the way Labour and the Conservative Party have been ignoring science and technology issues, could this website be the one to help swing the election even more in Nick Clegg's direction?

21 April 2010