They've been here since the Ice Age you know.

"It's time to make a stand" says the BNP website. Great Britain is threatened, its noble institutions doomed. Immigration puts in jeopardy Marks & Spencer (set up by a Polish Jew), The Royal Family (mostly German), and the great British cuppa (from China). Unless Nick Griffin is elected, there is no future. Foreigners will continue to establish our way of life and that just cannot be allowed. If everyone that the BNP doesn't like would just leave the country nicely, by forming an orderly queue and jumping into the English Channel, things could get back to how they should be: imperial, self-important, white. 


BNP leader Nick Griffin has changed. He no longer believes that the Holocaust was a "total lie." That was a slip of the tongue. He knew he was being filmed by that pesky Roger Cook and came over all silly.

Nick doesn't know why he said those things but he definitely doesn't say them now.

Got it? The BNP still hates people but it hates them more sweetly. Votes don't come easy.


If you love frothing about flocking immigrants and want to flirt with your hateful side take a look at the BNP website; if you have a paranoid obsession with the existence of a climate change conspiracy, take a look at the BNP website; if you believe all Eastern Europeans are swan-murderers take a look at the BNP website. Or you could serve yourself up some rancid beef while kicking a wall with your unstockinged feet. It'll make you feel better.   

29 April 2010