The case for non-intervention. calls itself 'the preeminent noninterventionist site on the internet.' It offers coverage and analysis of conflicts around the world, with an emphasis on the role of the US in those conflicts, which it says 'is something the establishment media utterly fails to offer.'  


The website launched in December 1995 in response to the intervention of the Clinton administration in the Balkans. It describes its politics as libertarian and says it is challenging the traditional left/right divide. Its webmaster and managing editor is the libertarian activist Eric Garris is run by the Randolph Bourne Institute (RBI), a non-profit organisation set up to honour the memory of the eponymous American journalist and political activist who opposed US intervention in World War 1. The RBI says it believes in 'a noninterventionist foreign policy for the United States as the best way of fostering a peaceful, more prosperous world.'


The website is a combination of aggregated and original material, with significant contribution from Justin Raimondo, the site's editorial director, and features work from writers and campaigners like John Pilger, Uri Avnery and Kathy Kelly

The site also runs Antiwar Radio, presented by Scott Horton, which has regular discussions and interviews. The full archive is available here

20 January 2011