10 Downing Tweets

Twitter me this, twitter me that.

Never in the field of human electioneering has social media had such a ... You know the score. This is the Twitter election or so we are continually being told. If you want to find out what the web makes of the 2010 General Election, look no further than 10 Downing Tweets, which is busy tracking all the political buzz among the twitterati.


The site is the work of digital makerting agency twentysix. It aggregates "all Twitter mentions of the various parties and leaders." The site covers the six main UK parties, Labour, the Conservatives, the Lib Dems, the Greens, UKIP and the BNP. Just take a look here and you'll find out the current mood among the tweets as polling day nears.


You can use your Twitter name to vote in an online election. You can have your say in various polls. Or find out what the politicians are saying. But perhaps the best use of this site is to just back and follow the twitter noise as it makes its circular way around the homepage avatars of the party leaders.

This fun and beautifully designed site is a more elegant way of finding out what Twitter has to say about the election. Of course, you could simply put in a google search and follow a particular hashtag or trending topic that way. But 10 Downing Tweets has gone to the trouble of organising all the barbaric yawping that social media now affords us and offers a fine way to follow the online mood in the last week of the election. 

4 May 2010