Earth Album

Earth Album - A combination of a private photo album and a travel guide.

This mashup of flickr and google maps allows you to go on a photo tour of the world. Zoom in on a particular location on the map and a strip of relevant photographs will be displayed across the top of the screen. Click on the photo to make it bigger. You can also find places by typing in keywords such as New York or Caracas. But beware, you will have to be specific. Do you want London, England or London, Arkansas? You can also search for photos by four different themes: mountain, city, food and sunset. The accompanying text provides brief context for each image.

Voted one of the top websites of 2008 by PC Magazine, Earth Album is quite a compelling site. It feels like a combination of a private photo album and a travel guide. You might find yourself looking at some artfully produced photographs of Edinburgh or some birthday party snaps. The photos change regularly so you’ve always got a reason to come back, although the scroll function could be better. Going right is fine, but if you click left, no matter how far along the strip of photos you are, it will always take you back to the beginning.