TV Licensing

The easy way to sort out your licence fee payment.

The warm, friendly and generous souls at TV licensing have long been known for their excellent customer service, sensitivity and understanding. Their website has just been redesigned as part of a new TV licensing campaign launched in January 2010 called 'Push a Little Button'. The idea is to get people to use the website "as the first port of call for anything relating to their TV Licence."


The site exists to help people buy, update or manage their licence online. You can ask questions, change addresses, bank and Direct Detail details, make payments and apply for refunds. Unlike the tax office website this site has been designed with the aim of making it easy to use. The information is clear and accessible and the process of buying or updating a licence is painless. By the way, a current TV licence costs £142.50, although there is every chance that will drop given Jonathan Ross's imminent departure from the BBC.


Hard as it is to believe TV licensing does occasionally suffer from lapses in its usual charm. You might therefore have the unfortunate experience of being harassed by it. If so, type "How to make a complaint" into the search engine in the top right hand corner of the site and you’ll find all the information you need to make your feelings known.

18 February 10