Best fashion blogs

We pick the best fashion bloggers on the circuit.

Where would be without these failsafe fashion bloggers to trawl the magazines, shops and fashion shows for us? In a bit of a pickle, that’s where. These top ten fashion blogs demonstrate an eye for style, whether it’s picking the best bits of a new collection, snapping the coolest kids on the street or pointing us in the direction of a fab new designer. It’s time to re-think your wardrobe.

The Sartorialist

The daddy of fashion blogs (in our view), this photo-driven blog focuses on the style of well-dressed New Yorkers, as well as the chic, elegant and well-put-together of other stylish cities across the globe. Combining good quality street snaps with interesting interviews and commentary from the man behind the blog, Scott Schuman, the success of The Sartorialist has resulted in commissions from, GQ and Saks Fifth Avenue for Scott and a spot in Time Magazine's Top 100 Design Influences.

Go Fug Yourself

Are celebrities fair game when it comes to ridiculing their fashion sense? Go Fug Yourself seems to think so. Defending ‘Fugly’ as a shortening of “fantastically ugly” rather than something else that springs to mind, Go Fug Yourself satirises a variety of fashion disasters made by both established and up-and-coming starlets. The founders of the site, Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, have also published a book, The Fug Awards, in which a number of “honours” are given to the worst offenders in celebrity fashion.

The Style Rookie

Only in America could a twelve year old girl start a fashion blog and start getting invited to the front row of all the fashion shows. Now 14 years old, Tavi Gevinson is not so much a rookie as a fashion expert (she’s thinking of changing her site name to The Style Pro), but her blog remains as humorous and down-to-earth as it is fashion forward and clever. Tavi is precocious (she writes more eloquently than many adults, has a signature haircut and has done a rap for Comme Les Garcons), but her posts (referencing TV shows, her mom and school dances) are reassuringly teenage.

The Vogue Blog

Where better to hear the latest style tips and fashion advice than from the arbiters of style, beauty and fashion-savvy designs themselves? The Vogue Blog offers daily tips, insights and opinions straight from the desks of the magazine's expert fashion team, and helps us to all to keep track of what's hot right now, whether it’s advice on where to buy the latest Breton t-shirt, how to custom-shred your jeans, or a sneaky peek at the Voguettes playlist from Glastonbury.

Face Hunter

Like The Sartorialist, except confined mainly to London’s streets (which, let’s face it, feature some of the most fashion forward folk in the world), Face Hunter is run by Yvan Rodic, a Swiss-born street photographer with an eye for an edgy-looking outfit. In an article entitled, “How to Become Hip in 15 Steps,” printed in French Elle, Step 1 was: have your photograph taken by Face Hunter. Need we say more?

Garance Doré

When it comes to effortless chic, French women tend to know what they’re on about and Garance Doré, a Parisian fashion illustrator, is no exception. She launched her blog in 2006 as a way of showing a more spontaneous side of fashion and has, since then, attracted attention from the likes of Elle UK, The New York Times and Grazia Italy, as well as an army of loyal readers. She met her boyfriend, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, at Paris Fashion Week. Naturally, it didn’t take long for them to realise how much they had in common and she now lives with him in New York.

My Fashion Life

A great source for fashion news, My Fashion Life offers a global approach to style and culture, combining all the content you’d expect to find in an online magazine with the honesty and informality of a blog. Find the latest fashion news, trend reports, vintage finds and street styles, as well as information on fashion week, where to shop and features on industry movers and shakers.

Style Bubble

One of Britain’s biggest style bloggers, Susanna Lau began her online diary in March 2006 and now attracts over 300,000 unique visitors a month. Headhunted by fashion magazine Dazed and Confused to be their new online commissioning editor, Lau continues to run Style Bubble on the side, covering all aspects of fashion in categories covering everything from Books and Film to Shoes, Shoes, Shoes and Vintage. This is a girl with her finger on the pulse.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards

This influential fashion blog took off when London blogger, Catherine Kallon scooped journalists from Vogue and Elle with her assertion that Angelina Jolie was wearing her blue Max Azria dress back to front at the 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards in January. Blogging only became Catherine's full-time career when she was made redundant from her job in events management and the success of Red Carpet Fashion Awards is testament to her eye for opportunity – and for fashion.

The Locals

Another street style blog, this time portraying fashion on the streets of Copenhagen and the rest of the world, captured by Søren Jepsen, former photographer and co-creator of Copenhagen Streetstyle. Copenhagen is one stylish city, judging by the young trendy things photographed here. Jepsen often combines his pictures with interviews with his subjects and provides a list of links to other street style photographers, including the aforementioned Sartorialist and Face Hunter.

Emily Jenkinson

12th April 2011