Want to get away from it all, but not end up in a dreary hotel or on the same old sightseeing bus? Turn to these sites for some fresh alternatives...

Right, the truth is – it could not possibly be any colder here in the UK. Winds are blustering, motorists are getting stranded, café’s are empty and businesses are once again losing income from workers not clocking on. It’s a sad state of affairs to be mid-March and still shivering - which means it’s exactly the right time to start planning! Yes, summer (have faith) is just around the corner, we promise! So get on the web, and have a good old gander at some of these incredible alternative holiday sites. Ready, set and go!


Skyros are top of the list when it comes to booking an alternative break with some seriously life affirming elements. Goethe said; ‘Whatever you dream, or dream you can, begin it now. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.’ And this might as well have been the Skyros tag line, because at this company it’s all about finally realising that long held dream; whether you’re a writer with a book just bursting to get out, an artist, or a yoga fanatic, there will be the perfect holiday – to make you feel like you’ve really ticked one of your life ambitions off your list.


Another recent find – Beyond Tourism, we are well – beyond impressed with. The entire ethos of this incredible start-up is to offer ethical trips that won’t have the devastating impact on the local environment that are so often associated with Dispatches documentaries. Ethical travel without compromising on standards or comfort – that’s the name of the game.



For a specialist on the beaches of the world (and only the beaches), head straight for Beach Tomato, where the most alternative sandy planes of the world are at your fingertips; because sometimes it’s just ‘better at the beach’ - and don’t we know it.



Now for a really alternative option, if you’re a political enthusiast and want to extend this interest to your holidaying – then this is the site for you. Political Tours will take you to some of the most visually arresting yet politically sensitive areas of the globe and protect you while you’re there.



Another market leader in the alternative holiday space, Adventure Alternative house their services on a seriously hip well-designed site, with endless options to choose from for the life affirming holiday of a, well, lifetime.



Are you hooked on Yoga? Want to learn more about it? Or maybe you’re a complete novice, either way just head straight to Adventure Yogi – one of the leading (and longest established) sites for the booking of that invigorating trip… Just see how bendy you feel.



This site (beware) isn’t a booking portal, but boy is it a useful resource when researching the more alternative holidays on the market. The site offers a wealth of information on the trips that will turn your year around. What more could you ask for?


Surely the worst part of a holiday is staying in a soulless hotel that makes you long for your own homely house - well, this domain won't bring your house to your holiday destination, but it does the next best thing; yes house swapping is the golden rule here, which means you get to stay in someone else's home - and they stay at yours! Time to wave goodbye to beige hotel decor - and say hello to truly unique homes...

March 2013.