Meet the Tesla of e-scooters; the first scooter to run apps with handlebar controls.

The Tesla of e-scooters… what on earth? Yes, brace yourselves; this is how people describe the ambitious electric AppScooter, which has been recently unveiled by Dutch automative startup Bolt.

This electric scooter allows you to keep your phone in your pocket and use handlebar controls to stream music, control calls, navigate with built-in GPS and explore cities with social recommendation apps like TripAdvisor. The dashboard uses 4G and WiFi.

This should be safer than fiddling around with your phone while driving. 70% of people use their smartphone while driving, resulting in a 160x higher chance of traffic accidents. The vehicle has been built with an aerospace-grade composite frame, making it lighter and more efficient; and using the same battery cells used in Tesla automobiles.

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September 2017