Let's be like the Italians, who are in a far worse state than we are, yet the shops are full of food.

Who could not have been moved by Dawn Bilbrough's plea to shoppers who are stripping shelves bare in the supermarkets. Dawn is a critical care nurse from North Yorkshire, who had just finished a gruelling forty-eight shift. She stopped at her local supermarket to buy food and there was nothing. Her despair is heart-breaking, highlighting the complete stupidity of panic buyers. As she said, she needs to keep fit and healthy as she could be looking after one of us, sooner or later.

Watch this video seen on the BBC and please think twice before you go shopping. We don't need lots of packets of pasta, countless loaves of bread or tins of tomatoes. As the government has said, the food supply is plentiful and supermarkets are doing their best to keep the shelves full. Just give them the chance and hold back, simply buying what you would normally put in your basket or trolley every week.

Let Dawn be the lady who puts an end to this frenzied panic buying. We need to support all those who are on the frontline fighting the coronavirus crisis.

March 2020