The dirty truth behind the food industry. It’s a Netflix true crime drama, but not as you know it.

Netflix’s latest docu-series deals in crooks, corruption and all manner of shady goings on – but this is not your average true crime drama. This time, it’s the food industry that’s under scrutiny - and the findings are less than appetising.

A six-part series produced by Zero Point Zero, the production company behind Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and “Parts Unknown”, Rotten takes an unflinching and often unsettling look at the food industry in hour-long episodes covering topics including “Lawyers, Guns & Honey”, “Garlic Breath” and “Milk Money”.

This is a slickly produced, professionally shot series featuring (mostly) compelling interviews with doctors, scientists, lawyers, farmers, corporations and consumers, who – in combination – highlight the troubling effects of greedy corporate practices on small producers and unsuspecting consumers.

Turns out it is not just cocaine dealers who cut their stash with cheap product - honey manufacturers are at it too. Meanwhile, garlic production is being routed through Chinese prisons, severe food allergies have risen by 50% in two decades, farmers are struggling, serious animal welfare violations are occurring on a daily basis and the delicate ecosystem of our planet is becoming increasingly unbalanced.

Fraud, theft, sabotage, subterfuge and misery - in all the giant food industries, be it cod, chicken, honey, garlic, peanuts or milk – there are crimes being committed. Our only defence? To buy local and eat sustainable. Now that’s food for thought.

April 2018