Grab your wooden spoon mic and throw some serious shapes along to these big beats that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping in the comfort of your kitchen.

We’ve always had a soft spot for a bit of a kitchen disco – whether with friends, family or just solo, dancing with a mop style. Little did we imagine that that particular penchant would one day pay off as something of a lifesaver. Hurling yourself about and bellowing along to Sympathy For the Devil: your time is now.

These are truly anxious times, and we’re finding that, daily, we need some respite from the headlines. For us, the best way is to get the endorphins going for an hour or so, and to forget the troubles while we sing and dance our hearts out, courtesy of tunes from the genius likes of Roxy Music and the Rolling Stones; Dizzee Rascal to, inevitably, David Bowie; and Future Islands to The Killers.

Turn the volume up, dance like a lunatic (seriously, no one’s watching) and let off some serious steam.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify.

By Nancy Alsop
April 2020


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